Dear Parents

Ecology and the care for our environment are two current topics in education and are means to a healthier life.  With the ECOHEAD website you can follow and support your child in participating in and growing their ECO awareness which will lead them towards better and more responsible relationships and attitudes towards Nature.

There are four main modules:


            LEARN                               PLAY                                      4R                                 SHARE

The LEARN Module gives essential knowledge and information about three overall issues: ecology, water and waste.

The PLAY Module is partly adapted to English language learning, where Ecology matters are integrated with specific learning methods. As a parent, your most important role is hidden in:

The 4R Module, where children find tips for ECO actions and choices they can make in everyday life. Children are always looking to find a connection to real life. Most of the time, they learn from you and your actions. So please – BE A RESPOSIBLE ECO ROLEMODEL for your children, show them you care “by doing”.

The SHARE Module encourages your child to talk about meaningful behaviours and ideas with you, their friends, family members and people around them. ECOHEAD is designed to also be shared on Social networks and in school settings.

We highly recommend that you take some time and let your child be your teacher about ECO welfare. Waste management is organized differently among municipalities around Europe, please contact your Waste management company for detailed information about waste separation and sorting techniques in your local communities.

We hope that ECOHEAD can guide and help you with developing an early ECO awareness in your child. Enjoy the journey!